Två dikter från mig!

Her fingertips on a piano
Playing in silence
Only her tears that comes down is the sound
Feeling the Goosebumps when the rain falls
Sitting in the dark room in her lonely house
...Her blue eyes that forms the sea in a cold winter
Watching words forms into the wall
That writes a melody of her sorrow
Listening to her sad symphony that’s playing
Telling their own story of her broken heart...

My tree is green

My sky is blue

And who are you?

You say your

Tree have never been green

And the sky is so free

You spread your arms and feel the wind in your skin

Letting go of your fears and there you go

Flying with no regrets

In your fantasy of your world holding my hand

Letting me be a part of your dream  <3

Tess Cameron


2011-08-24 @ 22:54:25 |

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