Tre dikter AV mig!

Stay close don’t let go
Stay in my bed
Stay in my head
Your arms around me
Your eyes looking at me
Your lips on mine
Everything is fine
And everything started to switch
What a bitch leaving me all alone
Seeing her find another guy
So was it all just a game?
Babe it was just the same for me
did I play it wrong?
Because I know that I have nothing else to say
But I can’t understand why I didn’t win
Because I made this game and now you celebrate
Your own fate


In the beginning I didn’t know your name
And then I asked everyone, oh it’s so lame
Then I made you famous
Everyone started to talk about you
And I never stopped to stalk you
Then you introduced yourself in a wrong way and gave me a song.
‘’Oh now I have a crush’’ I said and then I started to blush every time you passed by
Oh I feel like a bird flying so high up in the sky.
Then we became close friends and I started to wonder if we could be something more
Because I don’t want to lose you in a way I never had you
Then we took a walk down the street
I couldn’t feel my feet!
I thought I was flying
And here is the best part that’s when you kissed me
And that’s when I knew that I was not on the ground anymore
And I found invisible wings in me, and it is so simple for you to make me fall in love with you



To call you my darling is so funny because you won’t stop smiling

To call you my honey is so stupid because you won’t stop laughing

To call you my baby is so lame because I can’t find anymore names


Har du provat attskriva på svenska??:)

allt väl med dig??<3

2011-04-11 @ 19:58:04 |

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